Hand laminated fiberglass with carbon and Kevlar covering the entire inside of the mask in separate layers. The best of both worlds; the stiffness and strength of carbon, and the impact toughness of Kevlar. Extra re-enforcement in high impact areas like the forehead, and chin.

Stainless steel double bar cat eye cage (not approved) Or Stainless steel 6 bar grid cage (not approved)

Lined with a vinyl nitrille foam

Adjustable 1" elastic straps

Adjustable chin cup/chin sling

Forehead Terri cloth sweat bands

Weight 2.75lbs

Available in black, white or pearl paints

Comes with fleece carrying bag

100% made in Canada

Sizes: Medium - 22 in. to 23 1/4 in.
Large - 23 in. to 24 1/2 in.
Custom orders: longer chins/more head coverage

$650.00 CAN - including shipping / taxes extra